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These lovely wall art decals are perfect to quickly and easily transform any wall. Super easy to apply- just peel and stick.


Precision cut using the latest machinery for perfectly smooth edges, every time. 


Choose from a range of colours available from the drop down menu.


Sets will be supplied on an A4 page. Please choose your required size from the drop down menu. We will supply as many decals as possible to fit onto the A4 page. For multiple sheets, choose your quantities. 


They contain just the right amount of adhesive so that they won’t fall down- yet also won’t damage your walls or leave behind any residue when they’re removed.

Important notes:
Do not apply to freshly painted walls as the decals will not adhere. Please wait a few weeks befoe applying them. 
If they aren't sticking as well as you'd hoped, simply warm them up using a hairdryer to melt the adhesive and restcik down. 
If they have been applied for a while and you don't want to risk damaging the paint when you remove them, simply heat again with a hairdryer to melt the adhesive and remove easily. 

Can be stuck to any smooth, flat surface- such as walls, doors, mirrors, windows etc. Not suitable for raised, bumpy or uneven surfaces. 

Dot Wall Decal Stickers

SKU: 0001